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Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone that currently supervises employees or would like to move into a supervisor position some day.


Introduction to Supervision - 

Supervisor Training includes "What do great supervisors do?"  In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn what great supervisors do and what bad supervisors do.  This type of workshop is great manager training as well.

​Introduction to Employment Law – Learn best practices require a solid knowledge of critical laws for California employers. Employers look to their HR practitioner to ensure that best practices are being used. This presentation looks at the five laws that every HR Manager needs to know…and often overlooks. 

Performance Management - Be able to better manage employees understanding that performance Management is not employee performance evaluation. Employee performance evaluation is a part of performance management. Performance Management makes sure that all of your employees are moving in the same direction - the right the direction.

Effective Communication & Conflict Management- Become a better communicator. Communication is the steps between a source and a receiver that result in the transference and understanding of meaning. This powerful workshop will allow participants to connect with others and create the understanding, support and acceptance critical to organization success.  Conflict is a positive force in an organization. It is an absolute necessity for a group to perform effectively. However, there is functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. There is perceived conflict and real conflict. It encompasses a wide range of conflict that people experience in organizations incompatibility of preferred behaviors which in turn results in misinterpretations of the facts, incompatibility of goals and general failure to communicate.

Basic Training for supervisors, managers and front-line leaders.

Supervisor Boot Camp is an extremely popular, two-day supervisor training course that provides managers, supervisors, and team leaders with essential skills for leading others in the workplace. 

This highly interactive supervisor training course enables participants to practice key supervisory skills in a fun, non-threatening learning environment. You will walk away with several proven tools that you can apply immediately to your job. If you work with people, you need this workshop. 


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