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In a recent study, when asked “What are the top issues you face at work?” leaders identified that 76% are on the people/relational side, and only 24% on the finance/technical side!

Your organization is made of people, processes, and property. For a long time, "common wisdom" has been that returns come from investing in the latter two. Yet, in the last decades, a flood of research has challenged that assumption and is increasingly proving that a company's people are the differentiating factor. Since leadership training is all about "people smarts" -- about relating to yourself and others -- it's no surprise that it plays a major role in the overall success of an organization.

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The benefits of supervisor training are realized when trained supervisors are better able to communicate and guide the work of their staff. Training supervisors will help build customer loyalty and retain customers through more effective employees. It will help to increase productivity and teach skills needed for effective supervision.  

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Supervisor Training

Introduction to Communication Styles

Communication styles help participants understand that whether they are managing up, down or with their peers how important communication skills and how different our communication styles can be. This class shows you that the best relationships are mutually beneficial and genuine. People have a barometer for authenticity. When you show up or arrive in a way that isn’t real, that lack of authenticity gets in the way of beneficial relationships.

Introduction to Leadership


Leaders consistently lead teams with high productivity and high morale. People want to work with them and for them. Their bosses count on them and rave about them. Great leaders are all alike; but every bad leader is bad in his/her own way. There are thousands of ways to do a bad job as a leader. But great leaders do the same things in pretty much the same way. And if you learn to do them, you can get the results they get.

Introduction to Effective Communication


Communication is the steps between a source and a receiver that result in the transference and understanding of meaning. This powerful workshop will allow participants to connect with others and create the understanding, support and acceptance critical to organization success.

Introduction to Conflict Managment

Conflict is a positive force in an organization. It is an absolute necessity for a group to perform effectively. However, there is functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. There is perceived conflict and real conflict. It encompasses a wide range of conflict that people experience in organizations incompatibility of preferred behaviors which in turn results in misinterpretations of the facts, incompatibility of goals and general failure to communicate.

Introduction to Interviewing


It is important to understand the legalities and interviewing techniques that will help weed through the candidates to find the most qualified for the job without jeopardizing the company of negligent hiring or discrimination.

Introduction to Labor Law


Best practices require a solid knowledge of critical laws for California employers. Employers look to their HR practitioner to ensure that best practices are being used. This presentation looks at the basic labor laws that every Manager needs to know and often overlooks.

Introduction to Performance Management

Performance Management is not employee performance evaluation. Employee performance evaluation is a part of performance management. Performance Management makes sure that all of your employees are moving in the same direction - the right the direction.

Introduction to Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation measures past performance and is a critical tool for measuring employee performance. If done well, it can be effective. If done wrong, it can be devastating.

Introduction to the Fair Labor Standards Act

What supervisors must know about the FLSA.

Introduction to How to Complete a Form I-9

Many supervisors don't have HR close by to handle the processing of Form i-9's.  In this online class, supervisor will learn the basics and receive a guide on how to properly complete the forms.

Introduction to documenting performance

Sometimes things go wrong and a supervisor must work with an individual to improve their performance. The problem is by the time the supervisor gets around to it, the supervisor is frustrated. We will look for a win win for everyone and in the worst case scenario, proper documentation techniques for disciplinary actions in our supervisor training workshops.

Introduction to Time Management

Twice as Much in Half the Time! Simplify and organize your life. "Time Management Mathematics" Supervisor Training - when applied you will find yourself leading a more happy, productive and well-balanced life.