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Anyone, regardless of the title, who is responsible for HR in California needs to take this class. What you don't know can hurt you and your company! This class will get you off to a good start and point you in the direction to be successful in your job and valuable to your organization.

Very little can devastate your company from within the way mishandled HR issues can. We take you from the first day at work to the last day at work and in between with best practices and procedures to make your HR Department your best defense for not only fighting these problems but actually fighting them before they become a problem.

For example, do you know the most common error that many HR professionals make on an employee’s first day? And yet, by taking one simple step, you can increase that employee’s productivity and their chances at a successful, long-term career, increasing overall employee retention.


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HR Bootcamp 101

Who should take this?


Our students come from a variety of business roles - including office managers, business owners, restaurant managers, HR managers, administrators, generalists and more (in other words anyone that handles the HR function).

Our instructors will provide you with the knowledge & tools that you’ll need to get ahead of the curve and protect both your company and employees.

If you handle the HR responsibilities, this class is for you.

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What will you learn?


  • California Red-Flags
  • Proper Recruiting & Hiring
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Paying Employees 
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workers' Compensation
  • What HR Does
  • Performance Management
  • Documenting Performance
  • Employment Law
  • Strategy


Please do not register unless you are committed to this course of instruction.

There are no refunds.  

Details & Pricing

What are people saying?


“Very beneficial. Was able to interact and ask questions with great responses.” 

- Kirk in Los Angeles

“Loved the instructor’s passion and energy for HR” 

- Jennifer in Altadena

To register, please click below.  Please, understand, we do not give refunds but will move you to the next class within 6 months.   By clicking the REGISTER TODAY button, you are agreeing that you understand the above refund policy.   


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Founded in 2003, for the purpose of providing quality sexual harassment prevention training, Train Me Today has remained passionate about providing effective and highly engaging instructor lead training that leaves a positive impact on the students that they can apply immediately. We have trained thousands of employees in hundreds of organizations throughout California including government and private industries.

As the the creators of the Professional in Human Resources California Exam Preparation Study Guide, which focuses on Human Resources practices in California, our knowledge of how to practice Human Resources in California can't be surpassed.

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