finally, a place to get HR Basics


Very little can devastate your company from within the way mishandled HR issues can.   For example, do you know the most common error that many HR professionals make on an employee’s first day? And yet, by taking one simple step, you can increase that employee’s productivity and their chances at a successful, long-term career, increasing overall employee retention.

We take you from the first day at work to the last day at work and in between with best practices and procedures to make your HR Department your best defense for not only fighting these problems but actually fighting them before they become a problem.



Learning Objectives

· How to Interview

· How to Do a New Hire Orientation

· A Little About Payroll

· How Much Should You Pay Employees

· A Little about Training

· Performance Management/Appraisal

· Documenting Poor Performance

· Benefits Administration

· Terminations and Exit Interviews

· Safety and Workers’ Compensation

· A Little About Leaves of Absence

· Red Flags You Should Know

· How to Do a Self Audit

· A Little About Doing HR in California

Who Should Take this Class?


  • Office Managers 
  • HR Administrators
  • Small Business Owners 
  • HR Representatives
  • New HR Managers 


Recently promoted?

Recently given the HR Responsibility?

Own Your Own Business?

Need a crash course in HR?

The list is nearly endless—issues that leave you and your company vulnerable, from mishandling benefits to California and federal regulations dealing with complex matters like immigration, disabilities, and family leave.

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