Re-certification Credits


NEW! TMT Recertification Program

Train Me Today's Recertification Credits Program 


For every one hour of education certified HR professionals will earn one re-certification credit.

To recertify, certified HR professionals must earn 20 general credits per year and must re-certify every 3 years (total of 60 hours of education - 3x20).  

PHRca certified professionals must inclue 5 of the 20 hours per year of education specific to California.  

SPHR certified professionals need 5 of the 20 hours of education specific to strategy and general business.  

For those professionals that are PHRca and SPHR certified must cover both of those levels of education - 5 California, 5 business management and 10 general each year to earn your 20 hours of re-certification credits.

The HR Pro Conference will give you 5 hours of education (credits) general or California.