Re-certification Credits



We are happy to share information about Tools 2 Succeed with you.  If you are looking for re-certification credits, Tools2Succeed  is a great way to get affordable online classes.

Train Me Today will prepare you to take the HRCI exams: aPHR, PHRca, PHR and SPHR.  Tools2Succeed will help you stay certified!


You need one-hour of Human Resources education to earn one re-certification credit.  You need 20 general credits per year.  You need to re-certify every 3 years (total of 60 hours of education - 3x20).  If you are PHRca certified you need 5/20 hours of education specific to California.  If you are SPHR you need 5/20 hours of education specific to strategy and general business.  If you are PHRca and SPHR certified you need to cover both of those levels of education so that would be 5 California, 5 business management and 10 general each year to earn your 20 hours of re-certification credits.

The HR Pro Conference will give you 5 hours of education (credits) general or California.



I have hundreds of general credits and because we are the trainers and authors of the PHRca Exam Preparation Study Guide, and we present the annual HR Pro Conference which provides all the California credits your need, I have no problems getting my California credits...but last re-certification time I gathered up all my receipts and looked at my HRCI log and realized I was short 10 strategic credits.  I quickly signed up with Tools2Succeed and while it took several days of locking myself in my room to get the work done (I was caring for my mom who has dementia), I was able to complete another 10 hours of education and apply it to my SPHR credits.  My classes included things like Finance, Human Resources from a CFO's point of view and more general business classes.  I learned a lot.

Thank you Tools2Succeed.

Jacquelyn Thorp, MSHR, SPHR, PHRca