Sexual Harassment Prevention Training in California



If you have a small business with just a few managers and  employees, we are able to provide a class that meets California regulations by providing what we call a Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Combination Class.  

We spend the first hour with the employees helping them understand what harassment is and what to do if they are harassed.  Take a break. Keep just the supervisors for some intensive training helping them understand their responsibility and liability as a supervisor.

sexual harassment prevention training sexual harassment training california

Sexual Harassment TRAINING CALIFORNIA Supervisor ONLY


Sexual Harassment Training California

Supervisors have a significant role in preventing harassment.  They also can be personally held liable for sexual harassment, in other words, they can be personally sued in Civil Court.  

Supervisors also have legitimate power which puts them a unique situation to become or appear to be a sexual harasser.

Supervisors will learn how to stop sexual harassment, how to not harass and what do if it is happening in their Department.



"I want to thank you for all your help with the sexual harassment prevention training.   Also, Kathy was awesome and we all liked her teaching and expertise.   I actually kept her after the class.  We didn’t want to let her go!"

- Teresa De Santiago, HR Director

"5 stars - All parts are very useful.  Maria does a great job identifying and relating with the group".

- Santos Garcia, President

Sexual Harassment


Sexual Harassment

California law mandates that employers with 5 or more employees provide company-wide HARASSMENT PREVENTION TRAINING. 

About Our Programs

Our programs are California compliant, engaging, interesting and enjoyable.  Participants leave the class with immediate new workplace practices that they can put into place today.  With our best sexual harassment prevention training in California, educate your employees with the latest laws, proper behavior and build a better workplace. Although our headquarters are located in Irvine we don't only do Sexual Harassment Training in California in Irvine, we will go where we are needed!