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Anti-Harassment Training - Murrieta, CA



EMPLOYEE - Employees play a huge role in preventing workplace harassment. When an employee is harassed, they often times don't know what to do. They may not realize that they don't have to live with abusive behavior in the workplace.   It is critical that employers communicate to their employees the company policy and cultural expectations for a respectful workplace.

SUPERVISOR -  Supervisors are strictly held liable for harassment at work.  For this reason they need to be trained on the best practices for preventing harassment. 

Anti-harassment Training - Irvine, CA


irvine, ca

EMPLOYEE - Employees are often afraid to make a complaint of harassment.  In this class employees will learn the appropriate steps to take when they know of harassment or are being harassed.

SUPERVISOR/MANAGER/EXECUTIVE - Supervisors often don't know what to do when an employee makes a complaint of harassment.  In this class supervisors will learn the appropriate steps to take when they have knowledge of harassment at work.

Anti-harassment Training - Pasadena


pasadena, ca

SUPERVISOR/MANAGER/EXECUTIVE - In this two-hour, California compliant, anti-harassment class, supervisors will learn what they need to  prevent harassment from occurring and if it does, what to do about