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Join one of our PHR or SPHR Exam Prep classes!  In class dialogue will include problem centered discussions,  terms & concepts, drills, examples, interactive activities to enhance your learning, time to speak with the instructor and get clarification. 

Bring your questions to class through an internal blog in the classroom which also includes pre-recorded lectures and other resources.   

There are 18 hours of in-class time including Orientation, 10 instructor lead classes and the final exam, plus an expected additional 48 hours of homework/study.  

Students are shipped the Human Resources Certification Program (HRCP) print and online edition with audio - a set of 5 books, online practice exams, flash cards and an online edition of the books. 

HRCP will email you a link to the online practice exams and a password to register.  

The five functional areas consist of:

  • Unit 1: Business Management/Leadership and Strategy
  • Unit 2: Talent Planning and Acquisition
  • Unit 3: Learning and Development
  • Unit 4: Total Rewards
  • Unit 5: Employee and Labor Relations/Employee Engagement


class content

Includes the 2019 Complete HRCP Products:

  • 900+ pages of content covering the five functional areas tested on the exam in print format
  • 600+ HR QuikStudy Flash Cards
  • 800+ practice questions with answers, feedback, and page references
  • the Online Guide for Successful Exam Preparation, includes study and test taking tips
  • an Index and Key Terms 
  • sample study schedules available on HRCP’s website

**The online material and practice exams are automatically added to your user account within 5-10 minutes of placing your order.

Internet access is required to view the online materials and to take the online practice exams.  An up-to-date browser is required. Access to the HRCP Program online materials and practice exams is granted for 24 months from the date of purchase. 

The HRCP Program is copyrighted material and may not, in whole or in part, be printed, copied, shared, or reproduced by any means for any reason without the prior written consent of HRCP. Access to the HRCP Program online materials and practice exams is for your individual use; your account is not to be shared with others. Any violation of these terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of your access to these materials, with no refund provided.


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second chance policy

For the PHR or SPHR Exam Prep classes, students can take the class twice and they do not need to pay for the second time around as long as it is within one year from their registration date. For example, the student registered in June 2017 for the Fall 2017 class.  They now want to take the Fall 2018 class. the retake time has expired.  They would have needed to take the Spring 2018 class to be eligible for the free retake. 


Please do not register unless you are committed to this course of instruction to prepare for the PHR® or SPHR® exam.  

There are no refunds.  

By clicking the REGISTER TODAY button, you are agreeing that you understand the above refund policy.  


Exam Application + Exam Preparation = Save Time and Money

Completing your application and preparing for an exam are the first steps toward earning a world-class HR certification. Make sure you apply for the right exam and choose the right exam preparation resources to meet your unique learning style and budget. 

STEP 1 - Determine which certification is right for you.

STEP 2 - Find the date and time below that works best for you.

STEP 3 - Register for the class.

STEP 4 - Build Your Own Bundle & Save!

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ARMY Credentialing Assistance Program in Human Resources

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The PHR™ course content is described above.  

Who should take this class?

  • HR professionals who are serious about their careers in HR
  • Military personnel seeking HR professional development or transitioning into civilian HR roles.