FLSA Supervisor Compliance Training


Fair Labor Standards Act

Supervisors are responsible for day to day operations of managing employees work. Supervisors need to know the importance of following wage and hour requirements and understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

In this 90 minute program, Supervisors from all levels will be introduced the Fair Labors Standards Act, calculation of overtime and record keeping. After taking this class the attendees will gain knowledge to improve and maintain FLSA compliance. Including what to expect from an audit from the Department of Labor and their critical role in managing the day to day operations to maintaining record keeping and compliance with FLSA standards. This program is designed to be engaging and interactive. Attendees will have in house quiz and will receive a certificate of attendance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of the FLSA requirements
  • Understand their role and responsibilities in maintaining compliance with FLSA
  • Record keeping compliance